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Designer Kit

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Designer Kit | Standard

This Designer Kit allows lash artists to create your own custom sets of magnetic strip lashes to resell to your guests and brand your way! Have a virtual appointment and ship direct. There will be no logos on packaging. The only item in the kit with a logo will be the Designer Eyeliner. 

Suggested Retail Price Minimum: $100 CAD

She’s Single - Magnetic Spaced Strip Lash Compact  (1 Pair)

Designer Eyeliner (Felt Tip)-Black or Clear (1)

White Stainless Steel Applicator (1)

All tailored to fit in a holographic box with pink and white inside lining. The box is meant to be able to ship directly without having to repackage or add a mailer to it.

How To Use:

To prepare for your designer artist kit, you may want to think about your set up and where you want to work. Checkout our line of doll-heads ROXI, POPPI & FOXI, the first doll-heads with a magnetic lash line! 

Shake liner, then apply 2 coats of liner & apply lashes along liner.

Clean magnets with foam tip & rubbing alcohol if eyeliner builds up on them.

Clean strip band itself with our latest product BOI BYE (an oil-free makeup removing pen).


Thank you for protecting lash artistry with us by...

Leaving lashes to the professionals!


Breakdown and purpose of the Designer Eyeliner- w/FELT TIP main ingredients:

Our Designer Eyeliners with a FELT tip are universal. They’re meant to work with both magnetic & regular strip lashes. Which is why they have more of a "Stick" rather than our liquid Designer Eyeliner, which is only meant to work with magnetic lashes and feels like more of a "Click".


ACRYLATES COPOLYMER- an organic compound. Its purpose being “film forming”. Most often found in cleansers and eyeliner.

PVP— a versatile ingredient used in the cosmetics and beauty industry as a binder, film former, emulsion stabilizer

Decyl Glucoside- a mild non-ionic surfactant used in cosmetic formularies including baby shampoo and in products for individuals with a sensitive skin. Many natural personal care companies use this cleanser because it is plant-derived, biodegradable, and gentle for all hair types.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL -is used in small amounts to keep products from melting in high heat or from freezing. It also helps active ingredients penetrate skin.Propylene glycol is one of the most widely used ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products.

Phenoxyethanol is highly effective in preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria, and yeast that could cause products to spoil. It is an oily, slightly sticky liquid with a faint rose-like scent. It can also be found naturally in materials such as green tea. It is used as a preservative in a wide variety of both leave-on and rinse-off cosmetics and personal care products, including skin care, eye makeup, blushers, foundations, and lipstick among others.